You Are Not Alone

As investors, many of you have done all the things that you were supposed to do and you are frustrated because you have not been able to achieve the desired results. That is, you have hired reputable, sincere, knowledgeable professional money managers and investment advisors who have placed you into “top performing”, “first quartile” and “five star” funds or with individual managers, but over the years your investment results have been disappointing. Or, you have done this work on your own using a discount service and have still not achieved your goals. As advisors, many of us have done exactly what we were told we should do: we have listened to the experts, placed our clients’ money with “professional investment managers” and mutual funds with the clients’ best interests in mind and had to express regret to the clients because time and time again their investment returns have been so disappointing.

Something has to change. There has to be a better solution for these turbulent times.

But it is more than “just” the advisors who have a problem, or the clients or the methodologies individually. It is the combination of all three that has to be addressed.

So, whether you are an investor or an advisor, I can tell you that you are not alone. Changes are coming.

Watch this space.

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