Continuity Plan 

Hello from the team at ShortFinancial,

Market update link for December, 2020

We recognize that although there are continued challenges due to Covid-19, we have much to be grateful for and look to the silver linings to keep us moving forward.

Covid-19 has made us all adapt the way we work and live day to day. ShortFinancial
wants to ensure you that we are a phone or video call away and can provide the
exemplary level of service you expect from us. Your well-being is of the utmost
importance to us and as such we are here, at a distance – to keep you, your families,
and our team safe as we navigate this season of change. Operations will continue as
normal and as always, a ShortFinancial team member will be available to answer your

There is always plenty of interesting content at, visit our website and
blog postings for more information.

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