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Most financial plans are too complicated, too full of jargon, and too long term in focus for the investor.

We focus your time and energy on what you can change in the next three years. Long enough time to smooth out the noise in the market, short enough to maintain focus, and a meaningful period to effect change. 

Focus on what you need now to see the real trends, filtering out the distractions and permitting you to make an immediate difference in your future.

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Portfolio Management 

Meeting and exceeding your financial goals is our central focus. How do we do it?

By carefully listening to your needs, then offering you sound, strategic advice...

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Your Next 3 Years Plan

Personal Financial Action Plan

As part of our service to our clients we multiple strategies to discover ahead of time if there is an opportunity to be taken advantage of or a threat to be minimized.

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The Importance of Being a Contrarian Advisor

Contrarian Portfolio Managers look for an opportunity where investors are forming a consensus. A consensus is usually correct for a short time, then very wrong.

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Market Commentary

Market Strategy: Can You Take the Risk?  (May 2017)

The President of the United States is setting the world's economic agenda because of his ...

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2017 Top 50 Advisor

Larry Short

Larry Short selected in the top 5 

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Many investors are frustrated by traditional investment methods. There is much anger on the behalf of investors, particularly baby boomers, who were promised great investment returns only to see their savings not meet their needs after so many years of investing. This book is a way to teach alternative investing methods in an entertaining fashion.

Many books try to preach investing methodology as in “here is what you should do.” That doesn’t work because everyone already knows that they should buy low and sell high but, because buying low can only be done during a time of great worry and selling high can only be done when the economy is booming and profits are easy to get, investors cannot actually make proper investment decisions.  [Continue reading... ]

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In Short: Secrets to Make Your Dollars Grow

In Short: Successful Investing During Turbulent Times